The Ask
As a capstone project for my Web Development Certificate of Specialization, I was tasked to build a site from scratch, and I decided to use the assignment as an opportunity to showcase my hand-lettering services. I approached the project as though I were a client: with a thorough needs assessment, special attention paid to graphics and branding and working in the form of Sprints to stay on track.
The Challenges
This was an exercise in both design and web development. Creating my own branding, then creating wireframes and finally developing the website gave me invaluable experience in every part of the web development life cycle. 
This project was the first time I had ever created a fully-functional contact form: when I encountered forms previously, they were either A) done through a CMS where all the work is done for you, or B) in a school setting where the focus was only on one part of creating a form (i.e. writing the HTML of the form itself or processing it – never both together). PHP is not my most proficient language, so I was proud that I was able to teach myself enough to confidently get my form up and running. I used online resources like W3 Schools and a LOT of YouTube to supplement my learning, and I'm very proud of the result.
The Tech
Software & Frameworks
Built in Adobe DreamWeaver
Pure HTML and CSS - no frameworks used
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