The Ask
Like Lefty Lettered, this site was borne of a web development capstone class requirement and is based on a real business (I have linked her Etsy shop – take a look!). The assignment was loosely defined, so I challenged myself to not only develop new branding, but also to utilize new tools and frameworks.
The Challenges
I decided to try my hand at Bootstrap, but I knew I wanted to override the out-of-the-box Bootstrap styles for a more custom feel – so this project was a lot of both learning how to work with Bootstrap's CSS classes, as well as how to override them.
The e-commerce element of this site brought its own challenges: do I build a system from scratch or use a plugin? After weighing the pros and cons (and, honestly, taking the timeline and my experience into consideration), I decided to use the Ecwid plugin. I was able to customize the fonts and colors to blend seamlessly into the rest of the site and was really happy with the end product. Please enjoy the cat photos courtesy of placekittin.
The Tech
Software & Frameworks
Built in Adobe DreamWeaver
Bootstrap CSS
Ecwid e-commerce plugin
Zendesk chat plugin
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