The Ask
A freelance client had a new product – a sort of marketing research tool that provides the client with valuable data collected from interviews with *their* clients. I was charged with developing both the branding and a landing page for Triangulate.
The Challenges
I was given a lot of free rein on this project: I had the page copy and was told to go from there. It was a fun challenge to make sure Triangulate's branding was distinctive and could stand on its own feet while also tying into the main Words Have Impact brand, and in the end, I decided to go with clean lines, bold typefaces and iconography, and colors pulled from the main site.
When a web developer is working in a CMS, there are bound to be some issues that stem from having an idea of what you want the site to look like or do, and the confines of what's actually possible within the tools or the themes – and I encountered that. Luckily, custom CSS was there to save the day.
In a similar vein, WordPress and its myriad plugins always require a bit of a learning curve, simply because how many of them are out there. I always enjoy the process of finding the best plugin for my specific goals and then learning how to harness its power.
The Tech
Custom CSS
Software & Frameworks
Built in Wordpress
Elementor plugin for page layout
WPForms for contact form
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